Shallow car subwoofer


This is a shallow subwoofer design, intended to maximise space efficiency in a small hatchback. It's enclosure will be only 12.3 cm deep.

It is based on the Pioneer TS-SW2541D (or TS-SW1041D) 10" 4-ohm shallow subwoofer.

The enclosure will have a net internal volume of about 17 litres. External dimensions are 72cm x 45cm x 12.3 cm.

Below are the driver parameters and expected response..



The enclsoure is made from 16mm particle-board for the front/back, and 18mm for the sides (I just used what was easily available). The front baffle will be double thickness, i.e 32mm.

Below, cutting the holes in the front baffle, using a Jasper jig.


Once each panel was cut, they were glued and screwed together, making a 16mm driver recess.
Here is the internal layout, in preparation for gluing. The bracing will further improve baffle rigidity.
After gluing the top and bottom sides, the front baffle is glued and nailed in place.
Below, after trimming all edges with router.
The Pioneer subwoofer will be a nice snug fit.
Checking internal clearance.
Spray on glue, and covering with carpet.
After carpeting and glueing in the end caps, stuffing with dacron, and mounting the Alpine amplifer, the installation is easy.