Construction Diary
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Less haste equals more speed - Chinese proverb

May 17th 2004 The "fun" begins...
Pyramid satellite parts are cut from 18mm "Craftwood" (mdf). and 27x27mm hardwood curved molding for the front edges.
The front baffle is made from a sandwich of 12/3/12mm craftwood, glued with PVA.

May 23rd 2004 Butt joints using PVA glue.
May 29th 2004 Grills are a necessary evil... I'll try to make them as visually unobtrusive as possible. Today I installed hidden grill magnets, and then veneered the baffle face.
I used Venetion Teak thermo-veneer from Consolidated Edgings. There was about 4mm of veneer shrinkage after ironing ! Note the slight scorch mark on the bottom of the left baffle - no problem, that came off with a good sanding.

Testing magnet strength through veneer :

May 30th 2004. The Jasper Jig makes circular holes and rebates a breeze.

These days I get the basic pieces pre-cut, which is the most accurate way.
Here are my power tools.

June 1st 2004 Improvising ....
Due to the monster magnet on the CQuenze 15H5206, I decided to give it more rear breathing space by scalloping the inside edge of it's cutout and taking out a little of the cabinet bottom.
June 20th 2004 Constrained layer, and bracing.
All seams are braced, one-piece cross-brace fitted and a constrained layer made of 6mm MDF/2.3mm barium-loaded-PVC
applied to the sides using Kwik Grip. In the 4th pic, the rear rebate is fitted.
Thanks to Art Ludwig for the research on constrained layers.
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