Construction Diary
Page 2 - Bass enclosure
June 26th 2004 Woofer module begins
The woofer module will be made of a constrained layer of 18mm particleboard instead of MDF (for weight reduction), barium-loaded PVC and 6mm MDF. The front baffle will be an identical construction to the satellite - i.e. 27mm MDF. My target weight is about 40kg, which is about as much as one person can safely lift.
Glued together the front baffle (12mm / 3mm / 12mm MDF) with PVA glue and then attached the curved edging.
July 1st 2004 Some serious hardware.
All drivers have finally arrived - Scanspeak 26W8861T00, Scanspeak 18W8531G00, CQuenze 15H520613SDK, Morel Supreme 110
July 12th 2004 Gluing things together.
Here's the midbass enclosure (upper portion) and the braced woofer enclosure, 12 and 40 litres respectively. No screws are used .
July 13th 2004 Applying contrained layer.
This creates a total sidewall width of 27mm and absorbs vibrations extremely well.
July 24th 2004 The narrow woofer baffle
As the 10" woofer overlaps the curved edges, small fillets were required to fill in the gap.
These were a pain in the a%& to make.
July 28th 2004 Woofer baffle routing.
Routed the holes in the front baffle.. My poor router bit has just about given up!
Aug 1st 2004 Attached woofer baffle to it's enclosure.
In the second pic you can see where I 've started to glue bracing into the seams. I also scalloped inside the woofer holes.
Aug 7th Mental note - build next pair of speakers in the warmer months...brrrrrrr.....
2nd side attached and rear rebating completed.
Jan 7th 2005 Veneering completed
After a mid-project break, it's finally time to dive back in. Lots of sanding and painstaking preparation before applying the iron-on veneer. Iron, let cool, and repeat untilI'm sure of a strong, bubble-free bond. This stage took about 6 weeks on and off.
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