Construction Diary
Page 3 - Finishing & internals
Jan 14th - For some protection & strength I painted the base and rear recesses with black enamel.
Jan 17th - After lots of sanding, down to 400 grit, I got down to the staining & first coat of polyurethane, The stain is Feast Watson Prooftint rosewood, and it was followed by Minwax Wipe-on Poly (full gloss) for a durable & low-maintenance finish. I don't trust satin poly's due to their clouding effect. Any imperfections were touched up with a stain-poly mixture.
Feb 1st - Glued in some strategically located felt and started installing cables, glued down with silicon.
I also fitted the foam-rubber seals on the rear panel.
Feb 5th - Drilled and countersunk the rear panels & rear rebates, completed internal wiring, and stuffed the enclosures
with 50% poly/50% wool pillow stuffing. Density is around 2lbs/ft^3 (17grams/litre).
Feb 6th - Finally done. The satellite tips the scales at 27kg (60 pounds) and the "sub" 62kg (137 pounds).
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