Construction Diary
Page 4 - Improvements & crossover mounting
28th March 2005 After a few weeks of testing & listening, I decided that some improvements to the cabinet were in order :         
1. Increase the baffle & side-wall rigidity around the 10" woofer area by adding 7 more internal hardwood braces and another 
18mm MDF to the lower baffle. The braces were glued  with a 2-part epoxy which provides great rigidity.
2. Use larger (#10) woodscrews on the woofers and midrange.
3. Fit bolts on the rear panel & mount the crossover.
4. Reduce internal stuffing in the enclosures by about 25% .
5. Refinish the enclosure in a satin,  rather than gloss finish (I find the reflections are distracting). 
The finish is  now in a matt polyurethane, sanded with 600 grit, and then followed by Scandinavian teak oil rubbed in with steel wool. 
After a few days a 2nd coat of oil is then applied with a cloth.
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