Construction Diary
Page 5- Grills
Sept 2005
Finally, I've found time to build my grills, which I consider a necessary evil to protect from dust, sunlight and physical impact.
As they are held on by magnets, light weight is important.
All grills will affect the sound in some way, especially above 2kHz, but I've tried to minimise the acoustic impact as much as possible.
Sept 2005
The frames are made mainly from 6.5mm balsa wood, with some extra dowel hardwood in places for added strength.
20mm magnets ae glued into each corner, to match those on the front baffle hidden under the veneer.
Clearance from the cloth to the driver diaphragm will be about 5-10mm.
After spray painting matt black, I lined the top section with self-adhesive felt.
Here I'm stretching the cloth across the frame using cotton thread.  PVA glue applied to the top will soak through the open-weave cloth and dry clear.
Finally the corners are done. Superglue is useful for tacking down the cloth across those awkard corner angles before applying the PVA.
Same process for the bass enclosure grill.
After trimming. I then added some self-adhesive felt pads (not shown) to each corner to prevent scratches to the front baffle.
Finally completed October 2005 ... & going topless.
Jan 2006 - converted rear banana plugs to right-angles for a neater look.
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