Leeloo construction
Goals are dreams with deadlines - Diana Scharf Hunt
Feb 10, 2006
Stage 1. Get the majority of the simple cutting done by my local MDF supplier Allboards. 
No dust, and much squarer than I could achieve with my simple tools.
Feb 11 2006. Shelves constructed using simple butt joints..
The 1 inch MDF baffle and angled sides I fabricated. My current method is to build a master, and then create clones using a flush-trim bit.
Slow, but accurate. The 81 degree edging was done using a little angle-jig I put together (right picture).
Feb 18 Routed the driver cutouts using the Jasper Jig (I wish it came in a metric version).
It's getting late, but now I can begin assembly.
Feb 19. I glued a hardwood dowel brace between the driver cutouts using epoxy adhesive.
Feb 19 After trimming the edges using a router trim bit, things are taking shape.
March 23 Installing the grill magnets.
March 25 First coat of an excellent product called "MDF Primer" followed by another sanding.

March 29 While my main speakers are like items of furniture, these are designed to be inconspicuous & blend into the walls. Thus I chose an off-white semi-gloss acrylic finish, hand painted. Below is the result after 3 coats & 2 clear coats.

Here are the drivers - Scanspeak 15w4531G00 & Morel Supreme 110 (taken from Delta).
April 16th Minimalist crossovers built & installed. Note the separate location of the woofer inductor.
The internal surfaces are now lined with 1cm of wool felt covered with a thick long-haired sheepskin. I love this stuff.
April 23rd The grills are constructed using bevelled hardwood 7mm high. Magnets are epoxied into place.
Same technique as with Delta. Stretch cloth across frame using cotton thread and paint over with transparent PVA glue. Once it's all dry I trim all inside seams & glue thin foam strips on the magnets to prevent scratches to the baffle.
April 24th 2006 Finally completed after 10 weeks..
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