Leeloo crossover
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Scanspeak 15w4531G00 measured in the baffle.
The ripples from 500Hz to 1.5kHz are the expected results of sharp-edge baffle diffraction. Low frequency response is into half space.
Morel Supreme 110
The 3kHz hump further demonstrates the effect of baffle diffraction when a cabinet has sharp edges. (see Delta for the response in a baffle with rounded corners).
Overlaid plots - 4kHz will be my crossover frequency.
LspCAD predicted response with crossover & phase correction on the tweeter. Note the flat phase response.
Predicted impedance doesn't fall below 4 ohms & is a very easy load.
Final measurements done using JustMLS. Nearfield response is spliced to the farfield to give the half-space response.

Listening impressions.

I've used Leeloo as mains for a couple of weeks now and I'm very satisfied with their performance. In comparison to the polycone Audiotechnology 15h, the paper Scanspeak 15w has a little more edge, maybe a little more detail, but also a hint of paper sound. The effect is subtle though, and I think I prefer the Audiotechnology, though at this point I think either would satisfy me.

There's no doubt that the Morel Supreme cannot match the Dynaudio 21/2 in the top octave. Still it's a very neutral tweeter that is almost bullet-proof and in which the slightly limited top end dispersion may be advantageous due to the listener & boundary proximity when used as the rear surround speaker.


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