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Seas T29MF001 E0047 Magnum
25mm magnesium dome tweeter, neodymium magnet.
4 ohm, 92dB, 90W
Sd 8cm^2
Xmax 1.4mm p-p

Mms 0.35g
Intended frequency range 3kHz-20kHz
Scanspeak 15WU/4741T00
Paper cone, neodymium magnet, underhung motor system, open basket , titanium former
4 ohm, 85.9dB, 200W
Sd 92cm^2
Xmax 12mm p-p
Mms 13g
Intended frequency range 20Hz-3kHz

After conducting some listening tests I quickly realised that the 15WU Illuminator is not up to par in the midrange. It sounds a bit like listening through a sock, very dull and lifeless indeed. The Scanspeak Revelator series are clearly superior in this regard.

This outcome was considered from the outset of this project and there are 2 possible solutions -:
1 - replace the illuminator 15WU4741T with the revelator 15W4531G
2 - convert the speaker into a 3-way by adding the 12MU8731T midrange and a secong 15WU4741T.

I have chosen the 2nd option in the interests of acheiving the greatest possible performance.


Scanspeak 12MU/8731T00
Paper cone, neodymium magnet, underhung motor system, coated foam surround, open basket, titanium former
8 ohm, 87.2dB, 800W
Sd 58cm^2
Xmax 6.8mm p-p
Mms 4.7g
Intended frequency range 250Hz-3.5kHz

More soon ....